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$1500 Setup Fee + Ketch Pro $250/ Month
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2 Catalyst Sessions + Design of 5 PDFs/HTML Emails
Only $1500 Set-up Fee

  • Know that there are always anonymous fans in your audiences and you are TIRED of keeping them a mystery
  • ​Love to execute with excellence
  • Are ready to stop tinkering with software and have an EXPERT Tech Team do their magic for you
  • ​Love the idea of having an Expert Creative Team working on your graphic design
  • ​Want to just focus on your expertise and depend on other experts to create a high quality program out of the gate
  • ​Are excited about reserving a Premium Ketchword (dictionary word or proper name)
  • ​LOVE the idea of masterminding with other entrepreneurs that ARE Rock-It Fuel or RUN on Rock-It Fuel!
  • ​​Understand the POWER of having a built in follow up approach and are ready to become a lead gen MACHINE